Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fun: Antique Store Loot

I spent the afternoon visiting various thrift and antique stores.  These came from the latter, so not really thrift finds, but fairly thrifty nonetheless.  The mango and the tomato are there just for scale, to show how big the Russell Wright platter is. Its rather a strange color, but the table cloth coordinated so nicely that I figured I'd go for it.  Reproduction Russell Wright ware has a color called chartreuse, so maybe this is the same?  It seems a little more mustardy than greenish, which is how I characterize chartreuse.  That little gold tomato was the last from my tomato plant.  I picked it right after the new year, still green because the vine was on its last leg thanks to recent frosts.  It riped inside on my counter.  Hope it tastes good.

The weather has been freezing here, literally, but it finally warmed up yesterday.  Today was lovely and I took advantage of my biweekly Friday off to make a quick stop at the beach during my shopping.
Also, this isn't exactly my style, but there are so many cute little 1940s houses here that sometimes I daydream about living in one... and this (probably 1960s) sofa would look so cute in a little breakfast nook.  I've just finished watching Million Dollar Decorators Season 2, and this sofa seems totally Katheryn Ireland to me...  with the back pillows switched out for her signature mis-matched patterns, of course.

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