Sunday, July 10, 2011

Apartment File: Moving Beyond the Basics

I went on a little bit of an apartment buying binge last week.  I've budgeted out a set amount from each paycheck to decorate the apartment, and I was a few weeks behind on actually purchasing, so a lot got ordered at once.  This morning my living room looked like this...
Some of the items purchased were furniture basics-- a new bed frame, so my mattress could get off the floor.
Some of the things were more decorative, like this painting I bought off ebay.  I bid on it, won it, and then sort of had bidding remorse because I started worrying that I wouldn't like it.  Now that it's arrived, I really do like it. Whew.  
And some of it was purely for entertainment, like a tv, a radio and some books.  I also purchased a rug, which I haven't gotten around to unpacking since I want to thoroughly clean the floor before laying it down.  I'm trying to get it more or less pulled together in the next couple weeks.  Well, the living room at least.  I'm a little less focused on the bedroom, but as the photo above shows, it needs some attention.  I may have a bit of ebay addiction right now, and I have my eye on a couple of decorative items for the bedroom.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. So exciting to receive all those things at once. Good call on the painting!

  2. It looks lovely! Also, I get buyer's remorse over pretty much every purchase, and it's always wonderful to find when I actually get things home and in use that I DO actually want them! Congrats