Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Fun: Little Things that Get You Through

I think fresh flowers are one of the easiest things you can do to make your house look a little better and elevate your mood.  These days you can buy pretty nice bouquets at the grocery store, but more often than not, I just pick a little of some landscape plant-- wild or domestic-- that's blooming outside in profusion.  A little careful pruning gets you enough to fill a vase, while hardly making a noticeable difference on the plant outside.  This week I had flowers from the grocery store, and from a friend's yard making my house look good, and me feel happy.

Gorgeous peonies from Trader Joe's which faded from bright pink to pale peach as they aged.  Made the whole bedroom look better and smelled great each night as I got into bed.

These kangaroo paws were snipped from Tawny's yard two weeks ago.  They are holding up beautifully.

And finally, this little spray of roses growing right outside my living room window look great in my bathroom.  

Do you bring blooms in from the garden?  Or do you leave them outside?   


  1. I'm a snipper! Love bringing flowers indoors. Mainly lilacs right now.

  2. Mmm-- I love lilacs. That just shows how much further north you are seasonally-- even in Albuquerque the lilacs had finished blooming by mid-April. I suspect that CA doesn't get lilacs because they are one of those flowers that actually needs cold winters to bloom.