Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick note

Last weekend I bought an old Southern cookbook, Treasured Southern Family Recipes by Geddings de M. Cushman and Ora Lou O'Hara Cushman (1966), at an estate sale, and it must have been stewing in my mind. Last night I thought that making chicken with biscuits and gravy was just the thing to battle the cold and the damp. It turned out wonderfully, but I didn't take any photos. The chicken was leftover from Sunday, when I roasted it slathered in a lemon juice/garlic/rosemary/tiny bit of lavender slurry. Since I used the drippings and fat from the roasting pan to make the gravy it infused it with a slightly different taste than normal cream gravy. (Which is good, because the kind of white gravy with pieces of sausage in it that you'd find at the average cafe, has always made me gag).

On the side we had warm homemade applesauce, and a simple sauteed cabbage dish that I LOVED. I just threw in some onions to brown, added the chopped cabbage and a tablespoon of dijon mustard, and let it cook down and start to brown a little. Had I not been cooking four dishes at once I probably would have added a little more spice, maybe some fennel seeds in addition to the salt and pepper.

Anyway, its still rainy and very gloomy.

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