Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fashion Break

After seeing the new Kate Spade looks lauded on several blogs, I decided to click over there and take a look. Most of the bloggers I had read were loving the colored tights, but for me that look is just too young to pull off. Cute? Yes, but I've tried to wear colored tights, and it just doesn't work for me. I preferred these:

I can't explain why the combination of striped sock with sequined heels in the second image doesn't seem too young for me while the green, red and yellow tights do... certainly striped socks and sequins is very young girl playing dress up. I really like the dark jeans with striped socks. Those shoes are to die for. I think I'd want to wear them constantly, even if it meant just to vacuum the house and walk out to check the mail.

I also love each of these looks because of the models dark hair and pale skin popping out against the red and coral accents. Very nice.

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